May Newsletter 2013

A group of students from Peace, Justice and Conservation visited (more information on this organization can be found at They talked about how they started their work and a number of the school’s students participated in a workshop that they sponsored. Their goal was to draw a collection of paintings on the walls of the school playground. The pictures portray peace and cooperation in society. Next summer we will work with them again to complete the work.


The Ministry of Education put on a festival of student activities. The school choir and band played and the principal of the school received a set of prizes for competitions won by the school.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education the school organized a field trip to the zoo in Jerusalem. Most students from the kindergarten, first grade and second grade went on the trip as well as many of their parents.


The Ministry of Education held a workshop at school about children's rights. Many teachers, students, and parents of students from the school attended the workshop.


Interviews were conducted with students who were applying for the Hani Shomaly Award given to students for their apparent leadership in the school. Two of our students, Jameel Bannoura and Rosalyn Abu Aita of the 11th grade, won the prize this year.

The Ministry of Education held their annual Spring Education Day at Talitha Kumi, the Lutheran school in Beit Jala. The idea of the Spring Educational Day is for students from all four Lutheran schools to participate in competitions based on what they’ve learned. There were events in Arabic, English, social studies and science. Students from 4th grade to 11th grade were involved. Also, parts of the day were musical acts from singers and band members.

Lutfi al-Atrash of the 10th grade won seventh place nationwide in a competition of global leadership and technology organized by the Young Meteor Foundation. He had completed a project on energy and the idea of ​​the project was to promote the benefit of using the movement from vehicles over speed bumps to generate electricity.



The Ministry of Education held workshops for all of the science teachers Lutheran schools to promote their initiative about electronics studies.


A student from the 9th grade, Ra’ed Jubran, participated in the final stage of the National Mathematics Olympiad team put on by the Ministry of Education in Bethlehem.


the Directorate of Education of the Office of Education for the Lutheran schools distributed certificates and awards to the students of the school who were winners in educational and sport competitions throughout the year.


George Musah of the 9th grade was chosen to play for the Palestinian team for young players and he participated in a few friendly matches with the national team of Jordan in Amman.

The Office of Education for Lutheran schools held the final day for research in the 10th grade about vocational guidance. All of the students of the 10th grade attended the lecture and the research was presented on behalf of the students Marah Gharib, Maria al-Yatim and Luciana Rishmawi.


The school celebrated the 16th annual commencement of the graduation of their Tawjihi (12th grade) students. Under the patronage of Bishop Dr. Munib Younan, head of the ELCJHL Church and in the presence of Dr. Charlie Haddad, the Directorate of Education of the Lutheran schools, the school held a wonderful event full of music, Dabkeh dancing and speeches. Motivational words were given by the Bishop, Directorate, and head of the Parents Council and were also spoken by several of the students. Many teachers and guests were invited to share in the celebration and watch as each of the students walked across the stage to receive their diplomas.



the school opened access to the bridge which connects the newer building of the school to the older building. The bridge was built with the financial support of the Pontifical Mission for Palestine and the Holy Land Foundation. The Director of the Pontifical Mission, professor Sami Al-Youssef, attended the opening as well as Head HCEF Engineer, Anthony Habash, supervising engineers, Khalil Hanania, Bassem Khoury, and pastor of the Lutheran church in Beit Sahour, Ashraf Tannous. All of the administration of the school was present for the day, too.