September 2014 Newsletter

 Friday 5/9/2014:- For the second year in a row the school opened the Chess Club with 12 participants from the 2nd grade up to the 6th grade, supervised by a qualified instructor his name is Mr. Fadi Ishaq, who trains and work with the Greek Arab Orthodox Cultural Club at Beit Sahour.


Monday 15/9/2014:-The representative of the Academic Affairs Center Outside Germany (ZFA) Mrs. Heike Toledo and on behalf of Mrs. Eva Busse the Representative of the German States sent a thank you letter and the evaluation of the German Language, to the school administration and the German Department for the great help in facilitating the German language Evaluation workshop at the school campus with the help of teachers and students from different classes. The purpose of this workshop was to develop the German language program “DSD” for the best in order to achieve better results in the future. In this regard, all the students who set for the DSD exam last scholastic year 2013-2014 succeeded except one. This indicates that the school administration and the German teachers are doing their best to encourage the students to study the language for its importance to the students.


Monday 22/9/2014:-With the corporation between Al-Ghad New Center /Beit Sahour and the school - A group of Palestinian Artists called “ Watan ‘Ala Watar” visited the school and performed a play about the school curriculum in a sarcastic and funny way. They presented it on the stage at the school hall for classes 7th -10th. The students were excited and enjoyed the play.



Monday 22/9/2014:- The school welcomed all the internationals in the old Lab. Hall where they had an orientation workshop about The Evangelical Lutheran Schools regulations, missions and programs implemented in each school conducted by Mr. Salameh.


Wednesday 24/9/2014:- A delegation of seven students with Rev. Rudolf Hinz from Kiel University/ Germany and a one of the International Lutheran Federation administration visited the school. Dr. Charlie Haddad the director of education, Mr. Shawki Hawwash the school’s principal and Mr. Salim Jaber the deputy principal welcomed them at the school campus. Dr. Charlie spoke about the educational system of the Lutheran schools. After that, Rev. Ashraf Tannous spoke about the Lutheran Congregation of Beit Sahour, the activities, programs and the scout.  Then Mr. Salim took them in a tour at the school where he explained about its history and the programs implemented with the students.


Thursday 25/9/2014:- The yearly football match that was organized by the Student’s Senate every year between the classes. They started the matches before two weeks and arranged the class-teams.The final match was between the eleventh and the twelfth grades, where the eleventh won the cup.