June 2014 Newsletter

June 2nd, 2014 :Today, we celebrated the achievements of our youngest students during the Kindergarten Graduation. Friends and family members, along with teachers and members of the school’s administration, gathered to watch the kindergarten graduates perform songs, educational skits, and traditional Palestinian dances they prepared for this momentous occasion. We owe all our gratitude for the success of our students in their thorough preparation for their academic future with our school to the teachers of our kindergarten.  Only with the kindergarten teachers’ hard work and dedication are our students ready for a successful future in our classrooms. To the ELS class of 2014, we say, “Alf mabrook!” which means, “One-thousand congratulations

June 9th, 2014: The 7th grade students from all four Lutheran Schools participated in the Greenery Sport Competition, which was held at Dar al Kalima School in Bethlehem. The Environment Clubs from the four schools participated in the program, which was organized and supervised by the Environmental Education Centre (EEC.) The competitions included different activities and sports games. In the end, the ELS 7th grade team took first place. Everyone enjoyed the day’s program


June 10th, 2014:Students from the 9th grade began work on a new mural on our school’s eastern wall. This project is being completed under the supervision of Miss Masada Sabat, a Palestinian artist from Beit Sahour


June 11th, 2014:A group of eight students, three from the Hope School in Ramallah, one from Dar al Kalima School in Bethlehem, and four from the Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour, along with two teachers, Mr. Theb Maleha from Dar al Kalima in Bethlehem and Mr. Salameh Bishara from the ELCJHL School’s Director of Education’s office flew to the Netherlands. There, the students represented the Lutheran schools and Palestine in the Model United Nations (MUN) competition. They stayed for one week in the city of Alkmaar, Netherlands with host families. Before leaving, the students were well trained in MUN and complete much research about the issues that they had to discuss. These issues, then, were discussed and debated during the MUN forum. This forum included more than 40 schools from different countries around the world.

The students who participated from the ELS include the following:

Laith Jaber, 11th grade

Wa’el Bannourah, 10th grade

Zein Al-Yatim, 10th grade

Sally Hannouna, 10th grade


June 11th, 2014: The school administration honored this year’s Young Adults in Global Mission volunteers, Mrs. Chelsey and Nate. The administration presented a humble gift for their work and efforts at school and wished them all the best in their lives.


June 19th, 2014:The Evangelical Lutheran Church, represented by the Director of Education Office, implemented a new program for the 2013-2014 academic year. The Mediation Program trained students and staff from all four Lutheran schools in peer mediation methods.

The aims of this program include the following:

1.     Develop the necessary skills for creating the Leadership students.

2.      Increase the student’s potential in communicating with others.

3.     Work with coaches who have professional conflict mediation experience.

4.     Learn about ethics in the field, opportunities in mediation and arbitration, and how to start building a practice as a mediator.

5.     Train them how to use their experience and skills in solving problems with others so as to reach a solution.

                  6     .Take their effective role in the next scholastic years.

In this regard, the four schools implemented the program with students from the 6th and 7th grades, each in its own school. Our school implemented the Mediation Program with two teachers and the social worker as supervisors and 14 students as participants.  They completed 55 hours of training in order to prepare them for the aims mentioned above. Next year, they will be distinguished by wearing special uniforms in order to enable other students to address them directly for help.

Thus, to honor the Mediation Program students, the DEO presented them with graduation certificates in a Mediation Program graduation ceremony at the ELS in Beit Sahour. The Director of Education, Dr. Charlie Haddad, was at the head of the audience which also included the ELS Principal, Mr. Shawki Hawwash, teachers, parents and students. Dr. Charlie gave a speech about the importance of this program and how it can develop the students’ characteristics. Then, the certificates were distributed to participating students. Everyone was happy and delighted for the students’ achievement in the Mediation Program.\


June 20th, 2014: A group of 11 students and 3 staff left on a trip to Xanten City, Germany for 10 days. This trip served to strengthen the relationship between the two schools. German families hosted our students during their stay. They also had the opportunity to sightsee at historical and religious places in the city, visit the school and attend classes in order to learn about the educational system there. The group met with the German coordinating teacher in order to plan for the German students visited the ELS in Beit Sahour this September.

June 28th, 2014: A group of 15 students, two teachers and the school principal left on a trip to Moessingen, Germany. This trip served to strengthen the relationship between the two schools, which has been ongoing since 2005. Our students stayed with German host families and visited the First Wald Gymnasium School, the host school, in order to attend classes. The First Wald Gymnasium School organized a nice schedule for our group which included attending classes, visiting different places in the city and the area around. Everyone enjoyed the visit to Germany. The German students will visit the ELS in Beit Sahour next year, fully implementing the Cultural Exchange Program between the two schools