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April 2016 Newsletter

Saturday 2nd:- The school arranged an educational trip visit to Bethlehem University for the 10th and 11th grades. The aim of the visit was to give the students a good idea about the university and its departments and to help students know more about the programs, subjects and courses that it gives. The second aim w

March 2016 Newsletter

March 3rd:-The Environment Educational Centre organized a breakfast for the Kinder-garten students at the ELS with Hamuda Diary Milk Company. They came to school and presented their dairy products to the students. The idea is to encourage our students to support the national products and implement Boycott, Divestmen

Feb 2016 Newsletter

1.     February 3rd:With the help of the Director of Education Office (DEO) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the school installed three Smart Boards for the 1st &2nd & 3rd grades. The idea is to develop the way of teaching at class and to give access to the children to use the new tech

January 2016 Newsletter

The second semester of school has started. We were very happy to welcome our teachers and students back into the classrooms after they spent a wonderful Christmas holiday with their friends and families. Before classes began, the administration took time to encourage all of our students as we embark on a new semeste

Graduation 2003-2004

أمير حنا بشارة بنورة


حسام جورج نصري عواد


دانيال بسام الياس بنوره


ربا اكرم مخائيل هلال


رنا خليل يوسف موسى


رنيم ماهر ميخائيل خير


رهام عماد سمعان ابو عيطه


روان جورج نيقولا عواد


روجان نصار رشيد ابراهيم


رولا الياس عادل القسيس


رونزا عماد حفيظ رشماوي


سهير ماهر فرح قسيس


عيسى رجائي قسطه خوري


عيسى ماجد عيسى رشماوي


غادة رياض جورج ابراهيم


فداء "جلال عصام" عيسى سلمة


فكتوريا سامي جورج قمصيه


فلورا نسيم طناس القسيس


مراد فرح عيسى بنوره


ميساء عدنان جريس بنوره


همام جورج فرح عوض